Nukleinsäure-Nachweiskit für COVID | Influenza A/B

Nukleinsäure-Nachweiskit für COVID | Influenza A/B
Nukleinsäure-Nachweiskit für COVID | Influenza A/B


Nukleinsäure-Nachweiskit für COVID-19 | INFLUENCA



Intended Use


This kit is used for qualitative detection of 2019-nCoV, Influenza A Virus (FluA) and Influenza B Virus (FluB) nucleic acid in throat swab or nasopharyngeal swab samples. This kit is based on real-time PCR fluorescence technology to detect the 2019-nCoV, FluA and FluB nucleic acid of patients with Flu-like symptoms, patients with severe pneumonia or patients with asymptomatic infection.






Catalog No.: CFP001 (48 tests/ kit)/ CFP002 (96 tests/ kit)


Sample Type: Throat swab / Nasopharyngeal swab


Reaction Volume: 25μL


Storage Conditions and Validity: -20±5℃ for 12 months


Sensitivity: 200 copies/mL 2019-nCoV, 1000 copies/mL FluA and 200 copies/mL FluB


Detecting Target: 2019-nCoV, FluA and FluB nucleic acid




Convenient and Efficient


Rapid judgment of results, better aid in disease diagnosis.




High Sensitivity & High Precision


The sensitivity can reach200 copies/mL and CV≤ 5%.




Strong Compatibility


Suitable for multiple kinds of fluorescent PCR instruments




Safe & Reliable


UsedUTP-UDGenzyme to prevent PCR contamination







48 tests/kit

96 tests/kit


PCR Buffer

960μL×1 Tube


Primers, Probes, dNTPs

Polyase mix

48μL×1 Tube


DNA Polymerase, Reverse Transcriptase

Negative control

400μL×1 Tube


Cell-culture medium

Positive control

400μL×1 Tube


Pseudo virus with target gene fragments


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ab 4800 2,21 € * (2,63 € Brutto )
ab 9600 2,10 € * (2,50 € Brutto )

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